AHDR leads the way in developing innovative and practical supplementary educational materials for educators and students. Materials and information gathered from archives and research – such as sources related to formerly mixed villages, missing persons, findings from research studies, translations of textbook segments, old photographs and oral history accounts – are used to create a range of original, innovative and easily accessible booklets that foster multiperspectivity, historical understanding and critical thinking among educators and students. AHDR’s educational booklets explore diverse aspects of the past of Cyprus while applying the leading techniques and approaches in history education.

All publications are available in three languages, with the exception of “Our Children Our Games” which is available only in Greek and Turkish, and “The Future of the Past: Why History Education Matters”, available only in English.

(Printed versions are also available from the AHDR office, located at the Home for Cooperation in the UN Buffer Zone, Nicosia, Cyprus. For instructions on where to find us visit Contact us.)