Nicosia is Calling Booklets: Learning History Outside the Classroom

Trilingual booklets addressing students aged 11-12 and 14-16. The booklets enable students to explore Walled Nicosia through various activities.

Age 11-12:

Age 14-16:

NICOSIA IS CALLING - online interactive educational game

The AHDR has developed an online interactive educational game entitled ‘Nicosia is Calling’as part of its tangible efforts to encourage contact between youth from both communities in an environment of innovation. Designed for young people aged 8-15 years old, the game takes players into a virtual journey of Nicosia’s rich cultural and historical heritage. This educational platform provides an opportunity to learn more about the old city of Nicosia, enabling players to understand the truly multicultural past of this unique city. This initiative was undertaken as part of the ‘Home for Cooperation’ Project funded by Norway Grants.

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