Since its formation, the AHDR has undertaken a number of activities to engage educators and educational policy-makers. The AHDR’s activities, primarily center on the following programmatic areas:

  • Design and implementation of research and dissemination of research findings.
  • Development of policy recommendations.
  • Creation and updating of Library and Archive.
  • Organization of teacher training seminars, discussions, and conferences.
  • Production and Publication of supplementary educational materials.
  • Development of tools for outreach campaigns - video blogs, public service announcements, radio programmes, monthly newsletter, and other public events.
  • Establishment of synergies between individuals and organizations at a local, regional, and international level.

Other activities have included:

  • Organization of city walks and bike rides: To honour the unprecedented interest from various Cypriot and International groups to learn about Nicosia’s history and culture, the AHDR has organised a series of city walks and bike rides which it is keen to provide on an ongoing basis in the year ahead. The walks and the bike rides are a fantastic opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of Nicosia’s past and present and where answers to set questions can be sought and where new questions could arise. If you would like to organise a city walk or bike ride please contact us.
  • The contribution to the island-wide dialogue on key topics through the organization of public debates and conferences on topics such as education, nationalism, immigration rights, and gender equality.
  • The participation in knowledge sharing activities on an international level, in which the AHDR was able to share the Cypriot experience on the teaching of history in a divided society, as well as providing training to key organizations, on the production of supplementary educational materials based on the AHDR’s expertise in this area.
  • Organization of cultural events: film festivals, exhibitions, and concerts. Such activities have been a great backdrop to bring together multicultural groups of people from across the island at the Home for Cooperation.
  • The Home for Cooperation: the undertaking of a grand initiative of renovating a derelict building in the UN controlled Nicosia buffer zone into a “Home for Cooperation”. Click here to find out more about the first public shared space in Cyprus since 1974.