Volunteering Projects under European Solidarity Corps implemented by the AHDR.

ESC volunteering project aims to enhance the AHDR’s outreach and promote a culture of peace, dialogue, and cooperation to a wider audience for a more inclusive society. Volunteers were involved in project activities with the thematic of History and Peace Education and were responsible to spread the message that stems from the activities to the wider audience. 

Volunteers for 2020-2021, Şenel Kim and Elias Kania

Post_for_the_website_-_Senel_ESC.png       post_for_the_website_-_Elias_ESC.png


Volunteers for 2021-2022, Margartia Georgiadou and İlsu Çağra:

 Margarita_for_Paid_Volunteers.png       İlsu_Call_for_Paid_Volunteers.png       Louisa_Wegennmann.png