The Mirror of Conflict: Iconoclastic Controversies 2: A Photography Exhibition by Nico Carpentier

At the Home for Cooperation between 15-22 April 2022. The exhibition can be visited from 9 am to 8 pm every day.

The Mirror of Conflict: Iconoclastic Controversies 2

A Photography Exhibition by Nico Carpentier


The ‘Mirror of Conflict’ exhibition is an arts-based research project that investigates how the memorials on the island of Cyprus provide manifestations, among others, of the Cyprus Problem. Visitors are invited to reflect on how the 'self' and the ‘other’ in this conflict are constructed. 

The 93 photographs capture acts of memorialization across the existing divide, helping visitors to identify the main characteristics and mechanics of these symbols, and how they can be related to official narratives or histories in Cyprus, but also in Turkey and Greece; how they reinforce, but sometimes also challenge, nationalist discourses. 

When the photographs across the divide are displayed next to each other, on 33 metal stands, viewers can observe the similarities between these memorials in how they focus on history and identity, and how concepts such as heroism, victimhood, sacrifice, and leadership are visually represented. The exhibition therefore makes the viewer wonder whether the ‘other’ was as different as one assumed before...

EXHIBITION OPENING | 15 April 2022, 18:30.
DURATION | until 22 April 2022
OPENING HOURS | Friday-Sunday 09:00-20:00

About Nico Carpentier:

Nico Carpentier is Extraordinary Professor at Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) and President of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (2020-2023). He also holds a part-time position at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB - Free University of Brussels, Belgium), as Associate Professor. Moreover, he is a Research Fellow at Loughborough University. His latest monographs are The Discursive-Material Knot: Cyprus in Conflict and Community Media Participation (2017, Peter Lang, New York) and Iconoclastic Controversies: A Photographic Inquiry into Antagonistic Nationalism (2021, Intellect, Bristol).

RSVP for the exhibition opening at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: +35722445740 (ext. 105) or +905338537470 by 11 April 2022.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the number of guests is still limited at the Home for Cooperation and thus the confirmations of attendance will be taken on first come, first served basis.

Identity card & safe pass are required

AHDR - Association for Historical Dialogue and Research
28 Markou Drakou
Nicosia 1102

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