The production of a new publication has just started!

We are excited to announce the commencing of a new project for the development of an educational manual with lesson plans about sites of historic, environmental, cultural or other significance across the divide! The manuals aim to enhance the educational practice of teachers and to enrich the learning experiences of students while participating in educational visits. The target group of the publication will be teachers and students of lower and upper secondary schools. The publication will focus on the issues of culture, memory, heritage, history and interculturalism, while offering practical guidelines on how to promote reconciliation between the two communities through educational visits. The project coordinator is Loizos Loukaidis and the authors’ team consists of Dean Smart (Scientific Coordinator) and our own Evie Grouta and Kemal Asik (Senior Researchers) and Ceyda Alçıcıoğlu and Georgia Nicolau (Research Associates).
One of the key accomplishments of AHDR is the production of supplementary educational material, which assist the fostering of multiperspectivity, historical understanding and critical thinking amongst educators and students. The project is funded by the Federal Foreign Office of the Republic of Germany. Stay tuned for more updates in our next newsletters.

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