Title: Press Officer

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Burak Maviş Press Officer Burak Maviş holds a BA (Hons) in Science of Education – Primary Education from Atatürk Teacher Training Academy. In the last decade, he has served as organizational secretary and educational secretary of Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Trade Union (KTÖS); promoting peace, democracy, social justice and equality through the development of education and the collective strength of teachers and education employees. He contributed to the development of educational publications, cooperation between ETUCE member trade unions in Cyprus, teacher trainings and to the organization of multiple international conferences promoting culture of peace and democratic education. He publishes articles with major focus on education, politics and history in newspapers, magazines and other forms of printed journals. He is elected as a board member of the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research in the new term. He currently lives in Famagusta, Cyprus and works as a teacher and a trade unionist.