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Job Vacancy
Submited on September 20, 2017 BACK TO NEWS



Job Vacancy





Working Hours:  40 Hours/Week (full-time)


Salary:   € 1 300 Gross Salary


Start date:   October 2017


Application deadline:  28 Sept 2017


Send CV and cover letter in English to [email protected]


The Association for Historical Dialogue and Research is a non-governmental organization bringing together individuals from various ethnic, linguistic, educational and professional backgrounds who value democratic and open dialogue on issues related to historical research, historiography, history education and education in general and their role in a society which is founded on human rights and the respect of human dignity (For more info please visit

AHDR is looking to hire an Operations officer for its Educational and Research Programs. 


General Duties and Responsibilities:

The AHDR Operations Officer is responsible for the planning, implementation and reporting of the AHDR.  AHDR Operations Officer reports to the AHDR Board and has the overall operational responsibility of AHDR. 


Qualifications needed:

·         BA in Education or/ and Pedagogical Studies or/ and Humanities or/and Social Sciences.

·         Experience in the field of Education will be considered as additional qualification.

·         Excellent command of spoken and written English and Turkish.  

·         European citizenship.


Job Description

             Prime functions

·      Ensure that the file of employees, members, donors and volunteers are securely stored and that privacy/confidentiality is maintained.

·      Keep the official archive of AHDR in a secure place.

·      Keep the AHDR Board informed (on a monthly and ad hoc basis) on significant issues affecting the development and delivery of AHDR educational and research               programs and activities.  

·      Initiate and maintain consistent dialogue with the Board on matters of policy and best practice, in order to ensure efficient and effective operation of the Association.

·      Carry the responsibility for the successful implementation, monitoring and reporting of all educational and research programs and projects of the Association.

·      Work in close collaboration with H4C Manager to facilitate synergies between H4C functioning and AHDR’s educational and research programs and project areas.


Program Planning and Management

            ·      Research funding sources, develops fundraising plans and write funding proposals to increase the funds of the organization. Fund Raising is seen as one of the key                      responsibilities of the AHDR Operations Officer.

            ·      Work to develop and implement plans for the initiatives of the Association, working closely with the AHDR Board and the Board sub-committees created.

            ·      Initiate and participate in fundraising activities where applicable.

            ·      Administer the funds of the organization according to the approved budget and monitor the monthly cash flow of the organization.

            ·      Provide the Board with comprehensive, regular reports on the revenues and expenditure of the organization, as part of monthly and ad hoc briefings.

            ·      Ensure that the organization complies with all legislation covering taxation and with holding payments.

            ·      Prepare / supervise the preparation and ensure the timely completion of narrative and financial reports according to donor guidelines.


           Communication with AHDR members

           ·      Communicate with members to keep them informed of the work of the Association.

           ·      Keep the register of AHDR members updated.

           ·     Coordinate the effort for further development of the members list and their activities.


          AHDR Representation

          ·      Initiate / develop / sustain good relationships and collaborative arrangements with teachers’ trade unions, other NGO’s, funders and stakeholders to help achieve the                       goals of the Association, according to the Strategic planning, in collaboration with the Board and its sub-committees, and the rest of the staff members.

          ·      Undertake activities that enhance the visibility of the organization.

          ·      Represent the Association on relevant committees, networks and joint projects.

          ·      Develop and provide information about the Association’s goals, programs and services.


         Performance criteria

         ·       Development of strong working relationships with all relevant organizations, staff and Board.

         ·       Enhancement of the organization’s public image.

         ·       Successfully carry out the prime functions of the job description.


Send CV and cover letter in English to [email protected]

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