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Date of event: March 17, 2011 |


17 - 22 March 2011

The workshop is collaborative effort among the Home for Cooperation of AHDR (Association for Historical Dialogue and Research), University of Cyprus, and the EU-funded network Literature Across Frontiers.  The workshop will bring together Cypriot poets writing in Greek, Turkish, or English into a poetic dialogue through translation with international poets writing in Portuguese, Catalan, Polish, Lithuanian.  The theme of the workshop is:  POETS IN NO MAN’S LAND.  Participants are invited to bring poems that reflect this theme freely interpreted so as to elicit different voices and perspectives on the poetics of “no man’s land,” translation as negotiation through no man’s land, contending places and spaces, histories and legacies.  The chosen location for the workshop – the buffer zone near the Ledra Palace checkpoint - also reflects the theme of the workshop.  The idea of translation is both metaphor and practice as translation is a space between cultures where negotiation of meaning takes place.   The workshop intends to bring together unusual combinations of languages facilitated by a lingua franca, in this case English. 

Some of the results of the workshop will be presented in literary readings in  North and South Nicosia (Weaving Mill (March 20th),  and at a venue in North Nicosia (March 21st) hosted by the Turkish Cypriot Writers Union.  Reading will be in the original languages and in translation.  A short documentary film (approx. 15) minutes will be produced by Stephanos Stephanides in collaboration with documentary film maker Stephen Nugent for an International Documentary Film Festival in October 2011.  A selection of the poems will be published in literary journals such as Cadences.

The event is organized as a first event in the process of establishing a Centre for Writers and Literary Translators in the House of Co-operation with the support of the Embassy of Sweden. 

International Poets

Anna Aguilar-Amat, Catalan language poet

Ana Luisa Amaral, Portuguese language poet

Tadeusz Dabrowski, Polish language poet

Vassilis Manousakis, Greek language poet

Sigitas Parulskis, Lithuanian language poet




Cypriot poets

Giorgos Christodoulides, Greek language poet

Gur Gench, Turkish language poet

Niki Marangou, Greek language poet

Jenan Selchuk, Turkish language poet

Stephanos Stephanides, English language poet


Cyprus Organizing Committee:

Stephanos Stephanides (Professor in Department of English Studies UCY, poet, translator)

Dalia Staponkute (PhD UCY,  writer, translator)

Vassilis Manoussakis (PhD, visiting lecturer in literary translation, Department of English Studies UCY, poet, translator)


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