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"December 2012"
The AHDR welcomes winter with a series of exciting activities and events this December. An old Nicosia bike tour for the youth, a film screening of the documentary film 'Birds of a Feather' followed by a public debate and Prix Jeunesse film screenings and seminar for children's television are only ...read more
"November 2012"
November 2012 Newsletter
The AHDR continues its groundbreaking activities both in Cyprus and abroad. A visit ...read more
"September 2012"
AHDR's September 2012 newsletter
  ...read more
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Recent Events
“The Magical Violin of Vahan Bedelian…”
03 April | 01:00
// Greek and Turkish text follows ...
“Education in Conflict – Conflict in Education”
29 March | 09:00
// The Association for Historical D...
Turkey under AKP: From Tutelage to Authoritarianism?
17 March | 19:00
// The AHDR in collaboration with P...
Divided Communities: Discussing the Kosovo Experience
12 March | 19:00
// Divided Communities: Discussing ...