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About Home for Cooperation (H4C)
H4C Beofre Construction

Located in the buffer zone Nicosia, Cyprus, the Home for Cooperation  (H4C) will function as a shared space for intercommunal cooperation and dialogue, hosting a library and archive, conference and exhibition spaces, and offices.


"We came up with an idea of looking for a house in the buffer zone, somewhere neutral. This will be the first inter-communal building that promotes research and dialogue and issues regarding history education," explains Chara Makriyianni, President of the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research. The Home for Cooperation will provide a common meeting place bridging the island's two communities, and where teachers, academics, researchers and NGO activists can come together to discuss history and learn from each other. "History teaching is not something static […] To be able to take the perspective of the other is a development", says Makriyianni, AHDR President.

The Home for Cooperation (H4C) will:

  1. Help to give the 'dead zone' a new purpose and role, and transform it from a symbol of separation to a symbol of cooperation.
  2. Ensure our shared cultural heritage is conserved and enable educators, historians, researchers, activists and other agents of change to apply and develop their knowledge through programmes on education and training, research and dialogue.
  3. Contribute to the advancement of critical thinking.

The core objectives of the Home for Cooperation are:

  1. To provide opportunities for NGOs and individuals to design and implement innovative projects, which will help build the foundations for empowering civil society and building lasting relationships island wide.
  2. To encourage Cypriots to demonstrate the benefits of cooperation across the existing divide.
  3. To enhance awareness of the complexity and diversity of history towards empowering individuals to respond to present and future demands based on understanding and mutual respect.

The Home for Cooperation is supported by the EEA (European Economic Area) Financial Mechanisms by the major donors Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein; by Sweden, Switzerland, the Republic of Cyprus and the Netherlands and also by individuals, organizations, local authorities in Cyprus and abroad. The UNDP-ACT through funding from USAID, is providing support through the Multiperspectivity and Intercultural Dialogue in Education (MIDE) project, which is a two-year research and education initiative being implemented by the AHDR.


Construction work on the H4C began in February 2010 and the occasion was marked by a traditional Cypriot style street festival with grilled meat, music and games on 6 February 2010: Groundbreaking Fiesta! To watch coverage of this truly bi-communal event and for more information on the H4C, please watch our video blog: History on the Grill


Learn more about the idea behind the H4C and meet the former owner of the house, Avo Mangoian, who tells the story of the house from when it was built in the early 1950s and in which his family lived until 1974 in the AHDR’s video blog:  "Old Places, New Faces: A History of Home"


Find out more behind the plans and construction work of the Home and how a team of professionals have worked hard to maintain the history and story of the Home during its renovation: Opening Premise

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Home for Cooperation (H4C)

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