Supplementary Educational Material: "Cyprus: A classroom without walls - A teachers' guide to engaging with significant sites"

This publication is designed to support educational visits across the island of Cyprus to specific sites with significance to past and present life. These sites may include one or more buildings and an associated landscape or be part of a
larger human-made landscape. Each of the two volumes covers eight sites. A map showing the locations is on the last page of this publication. Each volume begins with a Pedagogical Section, which raises issues related mainly to History fieldwork, followed by a short ‘toolkit’ chapter, called Section 0. The toolkit can be used at a range of locations to assist learners to recognise and name key architectural features, carry out building type and key feature surveys, and to make their own simple plans and annotated drawings. The two volumes include different Pedagogical Sections and Section 0 materials.

Each of the eight sites has its own module, which consists of the following sections:
• Five pages for educators, including a site briefing, a scenario and key enquiry question, a lesson plan for lower secondary, and a lesson plan for upper secondary schools.
• Five pages of learners’ materials to be used in suggested context-setting activities in class, and information gathering during the visit.

This publication was made possible with funding from the Federal Foreign Office of the Republic of Germany.