Title: AHDR Board Treasurer

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Marios Epaminondas has studied Pedagogics, History, Art History, and Educational Leadership. He has worked as a teacher, museum animator, history text book author, teacher trainer and education policy expert. He is among the founding members of the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research. He has been active in Civil Society Organisations on a local and international level since the mid 1990s. He has been a coordinator and trainer/facilitator in several projects with themes related to history education, human rights education, intercultural learning and citizenship. He believes in the capacity of people to be agents of change in their societies and he is always ready to be engaged in efforts which could facilitate such efforts. Since 2010 he has developed an activity known as the “Nicosia walk”. “Nicosia walk” is a city (anti-) tour aiming to help participants enhance their understanding of the Cypriot capital city, through a multiperspective approach.