Title: AHDR Board Secretary

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Erbay Akansoy is the president of Humanitarian Relief Mission (HRM). HRM was founded in 1998 and coordinated the relationships between UNOPS and later UNDP with the Turkish Cypriot Community. At the time of UNOPS and UNDP-ACT, HRM participated and chaired the Programme Steering Committee for the Turkish Cypriot community. HRM currently is one of the two administrative partners that supports the Secretariat function of the Cyprus Dialogue Forum. Erbay has been the president of HRM since 2013. He is the co-coordinator of the Cyprus Dialogue Forum and has previously worked extensively for conflict transformation with political and non-political actors in Cyprus. Within this context, Erbay has also worked with key actors from other conflict countries specifically from Palestine, Israel, Germany, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Syria, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. He is a devoted peace activist who believes in the power of dialogue and provides research and facilitation assistance and support to the political and non-political actors within the community. Erbay has a background in Political Science, with a MSc in European Management from ESC Rouen, in France.