Title: Educational Officer

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Eleni Zanou holds a BA in Philosophy-Pedagogy-Psychology from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens(199702001) and MA in Computer Assisted Language Learning (2018-2020), from the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). Throughout her career, Eleni Zanou has been involved in diverse areas of education, encompassing both formal and non- formal settings. During her stay in Greece (2001-2007), she worked as an instructor of educational programs at the Hellenic Children's Museum, where she likely engaged in activities that promoted learning through interactive and engaging experiences. Additionally, she worked as a facilitator in children's events, and she also participated in amateur theatrical groups. In Cyprus (2008 until today), she works as a philologist (secondary school teacher of humanities and classics) in the public sector. Beyond traditional classroom teaching, Eleni is actively involved in extracurricular activities and creative projects with her students. Notably, she directs school plays, allowing students to explore their dramatic talents and fostering their creativity through the performing arts. Additionally, she collaborates with her students on various educational and creative programs, both within and outside the school environment, indicating her dedication to providing a holistic learning experience. At the same time, she participates in several training programs. She has undertaken training related to alternative teaching methods, particularly in history education, as well as the integration of technology and drama into the educational process.