Funded by: UNDP-Action for Cooperation and

Trust Programme Period: November 2011-2013

As of 16th November 2011, the AHDR embarked on the second phase of the MIDE project, a 20 month project that sought to further enhance the valuable work undertaken through the first phase of the project. Phase II of the MIDE project sought to leverage the valuable resources that the AHDR created within the first phase of the MIDE project and allowed the AHDR to continue in its pursuit of exciting and comprehensive initiatives focusing on the promotion of historical thinking and understanding, in the following areas:

  • to further develop efforts to engage the general public and key stakeholders on issues related to history, historiography and history education in Cyprus as a means of advancing greater sensitivity to the importance of multiperspectivity and critical thinking;
  • to continue working in partnership with organisations sucha s the Council of Europe, teacher trade unions across the divide, EUROCLIO,PRIO, CCMC, the International Center for Transnational Justice and the Elders, as well as developing new relations with other institutions both locally and internationally;
  • to impact teaching practices on a systematic level by increasing the capacity of history educators, influencing public perceptions on critical approaches to history and history education, and influencing policy change that promotes intercultural skills and understanding and multiperspective approaches to education.