The Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) has been selected by EUROCLIO (European Association of History Educators) as a national coordinator for the Project Decisions and Dilemmas III.

This project aims to support educators across Europe in teaching about the European Union in a motivating and meaningful way that resonates with students. We hope that through this project, students in Cyprus will become more aware and engaged in the European Union and democratic processes that are in place in Europe. The ambition of this project is to make educators, and thus students, aware of the importance of the EU and the complexities that accompany policy and decision making in the EU. Another aim of the project is to share the resources that had been developed in three previous projects with educators and citizens living in Europe.

The workshop has been organised in Kyrenia, Paphos and Platres, in Turkish, Greek and English respectively. The workshop is Platres will be followed by a hands-on session on how the Historiana eLearning Environment works.