The Songbirds Intercommunal Children's Choir is implemented by the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) and the Home for Cooperation (H4C) in collaboration with Cyprus Turkish Teachers' Trade Union (KTÖS) and Cyprus Greek Teachers' Organisation (POED). It is funded by the Federal Foreign Office of the Republic of Germany.

Since 2017, the choir has been bringing together children of all backgrounds and communities together to sing the songs of Cyprus and beyond in different languages. Rehearsals run once a week at the Home for Cooperation and are led by experienced conductors focusing on musical development and experiential learning. The conductors assist the children, through various games and activities, in getting to know each other and developing trust, both among themselves and towards the conductors. In this way, the children learn about the idea of sustainable peace and peaceful coexistence.

The rehearsals will continue to take place at the Home of Cooperation for this academic year (2023-2024), an easily accessible venue with a friendly atmosphere every Wednesday between 17:15 and 18:30.

You can find the application form in these links: English ; Turkish ; Greek





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