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We invite young and enthusiastic graphic designers to design a logo for our ‘Ivy series’. Deadline: 05 October 2020

Shaping Peace Together! Barışı Birlikte Şekillendirelim! Οικοδομούμε Μαζί την Ειρήνη!

Apply now for the Intercommunal Children's Choir! Toplumlararası Çocuk Korosu için şimdi başvur! Κάντε τώρα αίτηση για τη Διακοινοτική Παιδική Χορωδία!

We are happy to announce that applications are open for the Intercommunal Children's Choir! 

The crucial role civil society plays in transforming education is recognised through the renewed funding of our activities as part of the ‘Home for Cooperation’ project.

The production of a new publication has just started!

Interested applicants need to submit their CV and relevant documentation along with an Expression of Interest letter stating their experience in relevant field(s).

We are looking for enthusiastic people with a background in, and passion for Peace Education and/or related fields!

We are looking for primary school teachers who are interested in accompanying their students in the project ‘Columba-Hypatia: Astronomy for Peace’!


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