Title: Research Director

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Alessandro Camiz Research Director Alessandro Camiz, Ph.D., Architect, Research director of the AHDR (2015- 2017; 2018-2021) is Associate Professor Dr. at the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts, Head of the Department of Interior Architecture, and Director of the International Centre for Heritage Studies, Girne American University, Expert on the subject at the chair of architectural and urban design (Prof. Giuseppe Strappa), “Sapienza” University of Rome. He is member of the association History of cities (founded by Prof. Enrico Guidoni), of ISUF International Seminar on Urban Form, founding member of ISUF Italy, and since 2014 member of ICOMOS Italy. He is Secretary of the Cyprus Network of urban Morphology CyNUM. His research interests range from urban morphology and building typology, to architectural design theories, to history of modern and medieval architecture. He is assistant editor of the Journal “Urban Form and Design”, Rome, and editorial board member of Phlogiston, Journal of the History of Science, published by the Museum of Science and Technology, Belgrade. Has attended Post-Doctoral studies at the Department of Architecture of "Sapienza", University of Rome, holds a Ph.D. in History of Cities from "Sapienza", University of Rome and a Master o Science in Architecture from "Sapienza", University of Rome, Italy. Within his recent publications: A. Camiz, (2017), Tipo, Modello, Tessuto. Dodici lezioni di Architettura, Davide Ghaleb editore, Vetralla. G. Strappa, P. Carlotti, A. Camiz (2016), Urban Morphology and Historical Fabrics: Contemporary design of small towns in Latium, Gangemi Editore, Rome. A. Camiz (2015), L'ordine architettonico non esiste. Ordo sive genus, Davide Ghaleb editore, Vetralla.