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11/03/2012 Αλήθεια - Συνταγές Συνύπαρξης ελληνόφωνων - τουρκόφωνων στην εκπαίδευση

An article about Democratic Pluralism in action, through a programme led by Anna Fragoudaki and Thalia Dragona in the area of Western Thrace in Greece. The article makes reference to the AHDR.


01/04/2010 Cyprus MailTools for Schools to take on the missing

An article on the educational matierial produced by the AHDR on missing persons in Cyprus.


05/04/2012 YeniduzenKayiplar" la ilgili kaynak kitap öğretmenlere tanıtılacak

An article prior to the teacher training seminar taking place on 06/04/12.


16/04/2012 YeniduzenLüblanlı kayıp yakınlarından kitaba talep

An article giving information about the teacher training workshops organised by the AHDR in April-May 2012, as well as the demand for the Missing Persons pack.


23/04/2012 Havadis newspaper -  Montessori'de 23 Nisan coşcusu

The children of Kyrenia Montessori school and their grandparents and parents played games (middle picture) from AHDR's ‘Our Children Our Games’ booklet, while celebrating 23rd April Children’s Bayram on Sunday 22 Aprıl 2012 . Grandparents said they had forgotten these games and they were very happy to play the games with their children and grandchildren!


30/04/2012 Yeniduzen - En önemlisi kendini ötekinin yerine koymak..

An article about AHDR's teacher training workshop in April-May 2012.


01/05/2012 Yeniduzen - Değirmenlik Lisesi'nde "kayıplar"ı anlattık...

An article about AHDR visit to Degirmenlik Lyceum.


05/05/2012 YeniduzenDayanışma Evi birinci yaşını kutluyor

An article about the one year birthday celebration of the H4C on 6 May 2012.


Yeniduzen -  Çok kültürlü ve renkli kutlama   

Another article about the birthday of the H4C on 6 May 2012.


08/05/2012 Yeniduzen - zleşmeye bir adim...


An article about Speaking to One Another exhibition, opening on 11 May 2012 at Goethe Institute.


09/05/2012 Yeniduzen - 'Kayıplar'la ilgili öğretmen el kitabı Türkçe'de yayımlandı...

An article about the AHDR's publication about Missing Persons (Turkish version).


13/05/2012 Havadis newspaper - SADECE DIYALOG kurmak için buradayız, page1page 2



27/05/2012 Radikal - VII. Edward mı, Markos Drakos mu, II. Selim mi?

Another article about Speaking to One Another exhibition, held on 11 May 2012 at Goethe Institute.


2012 Havadis newspaper - Çok toplumlu, Tarihsel Diyalog ve Araştırma Derneği, zor uğraşta yoluna devam ederken(2)

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