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The City as a Living Museum


The training course entitled “The city as a living museum: Leading educational city quests”,  was organised by the AHDR n the framework of the Norway Grants (2009-2014) funding for the ‘Home for Cooperation’ project  and was held at the Home for Cooperation and within the old city of Nicosia on from 24th - 31st May 2013.





The organisation of this course came as a response to the unprecedented interest demonstrated from various Cypriot and International groups to learn about Nicosia’s history and culture. It is based on the assumption that one of the best ways to get a comprehensive understanding of Nicosia’s past and present is by “being in the city” itself and by experiencing it as an “open, living museum” where answers to set questions can be sought and where new questions could arise, to trigger further research.  For a structured approach, which would facilitate such an endevour, individuals, who have the motivation, the knowledge and the competences to lead groups in this educational experience, are necessary.


The course can be considered as a personal development exercise and also as a stepping stone for those who wish to pursue further specialization, in order to cooperate with AHDR/H4C in the organization of future educational activities.


The course aimed to up skill and empower the participants to lead educational quests in Nicosia in ways that will illustrate the multicultural character of the city and spark the interest for further research. More specifically, during the course participants had  the chance to:


  • Upgrade their knowledge about Nicosia’s history.
  • Familiarize themselves with research methods, which allowed them to pose questions and seek answers regarding historical, social and cultural aspects of the city.
  • Develop their public speaking skills.
  • Design and implement their own personal version of an Educational City Quest and receive feedback on it.



The course included input from experts, on-site visits, mutual learning exercises, group work and individual study. 


For photographs of the training please click here.


To access the presentation on River Bridge Buffer Zone by Dr Papadakis please click here.


To access the presentation on Nicosia's Hans by Dr Bakshi please click here.


To access the presentation on Cultural Heritage by Constantinou, Demetriou and Hatay please click here


To access the presentation on Football Clubs by Ahmet Djavit please click here.


To access the presentation on Divided Cities in the Middle East by H. Silver please click here.


To access the presentation by Yiannis Papadakis 'Ways to explore Nicosia', please click here.


To access a selection of Nicosia maps please click here.

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