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Since its foundation in 2003, the AHDR has enlisted members from various ethnic, linguistic, and professional backgrounds working at various educational levels in Cyprus, making the first steps towards a greater effort: an effort to maintain a continuous, open dialogue about enhanced pedagogic practices that could encourage the values of the discipline of history.


The AHDR envisions a society where dialogue on issues of history, historiography, history teaching and history learning is welcomed as an integral part of democracy and is considered as a means for the advancement of historical understanding and critical thinking.



The AHDR contributes to the advancement of historical understanding amongst the public and more specifically amongst children, youth and educators by providing access to learning opportunities for individuals of every ability and every ethnic, religious, cultural and social background, based on the respect for diversity and the dialogue of ideas.



The AHDR recognizes the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights the UNESCO aims on education and the Council of Europe’s recommendations relevant to history teaching.



More specifically the AHDR aims: 

  • To create opportunities for educators, youth and children to be benefited by the latest  developments in history teaching and learning 

  • To advance knowledge on the issues of history, historiography, history teaching and history learning

  • To collect and share resources on history and history teaching

  • To nurture a critical understanding of the linkages between perceptions of history, attitudes and behaviors towards the “other” and history education

  • To gather and make available archival materials on certain aspects of Cyprus history.

  • To develop educational materials for educators and students. 

  • To increase public awareness on the importance of dialogue and multiperspectivity on  the issues of history, historiography, history teaching and learning



  • Design, implementation of Research and dissemination of research findings

  • Development of policy recommendations

  • Creation and updating of Library and Archive

  • Organization of Teacher training seminars, discussions and conferences

  • Publication Supplementary educational materials

  • Organization of  on-site visits, walks, film festivals    

  • Development  of tools for outreaching campaigns (video blogs, announcements, public events)

  • Establishment of Synergies between individuals and organizations at a local, European and international level.


For a detailed programme of the AHDR activities please visit our Events or News section.


Its Board, comprising of Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot educators and historians, is a brilliant example of how productive cooperation; creative ideas and respect can blossom, regardless of division.

Board Members for the 2013 - 2015 period:


AHDR/ H4C Team:


 H4C Governing Board:     





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